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This work is a result of theoretical analysis of a large number of personality conceptions, psychological problems being discussed in these conceptions and connected with its structure and formation. Peculiarly this analysis is focused on determination of that "cell", a unit in which all the treasure of united personality is hidden.

The author proposed an absolutely independent theory of personality different from all previous ones by establishing of a new element basis and correspondent new level of personality structure, named molecular. Using the terms of anatomy this new level could be considered as cellular one unlike the organs system equivalent in the personality structure to features of the personality and its directory as a system of necessities.

The integrated theory of personality elaborated by us does not completely deny any - of proposed in the psychology history theories of personality formation. Starting from the unilateral introspective theory and behaviorism, its opposition and ending with personality theories, activity theory and other contemporary theories, as all of them contribute in our conception of true mechanisms of personality formation in ontogenesis. Critical discussion, to wit, of psychic analysis units defined by them applicable to the personality structure led us logically to the generalized idea on sensomotor complexes, which constitute functional organs of psychology (not "brain" -as to Bernstain or Leontyev, who opine them to be their "reflection systems", "with biodynamic fibre"). They actually constitute the element bases of personality. They appear in connection with the needs, requiring proper activity to meet them. They are formed from psycho physiological processes that constitute inside mechanisms of the behavior act. In analogy to how the actions consist of movements system directed to the nearest target, functional organs of psychics are also formed from inside sensomotor acts, consequently appearing while performing these movements with subjects. At human level they primarily possess cognitive conception. This complex as a bearer of conception forms functional organ of psychics.

This organ includes 4 categories of inside activity elements: sensomotor, emotional, intellectual. General speech, and will/sanctioning and banning. All of them include neuron mechanisms.

Essentially the process of personality formation contains continuous formation of more complicating functional organs of psychics by means of integration of the smallest parts of activity.

Brains of an infant manipulating with a toy, connects the information from its surface that the projective vision zone of cerebral cortex obtains with tactile motor / tactile/ activity of skin-and-muscle projective zone and unites all these into one complex by integrative zone of forehead surface - speech zone (Broke's center). Certainly, in the organism of an infant it looks like a simplified and deformed pronunciation of subject name or his own pleasure from the play -manipulation, as far as his activity is mostly caused by need to realize the muscle energy with sensor incentive. As the child develops the subject play employing communication includes precise perception and speech definitions of subjects, their functional purposes right application, their emotional reactions and other. This way the inward mechanisms of behavior in adequate situation are formed – functional organs of psychics, which while complicating and improving turn into relatively steady primarily cognitive inward mechanisms activating skills, knowledge, steady emotional reactions, abilities, diverse relations etc personality compounds, its structure formations in classic conceptions. And the compounds of these formations at the general elements level remain the functional psychic organs we proposed.

As it is obvious from the essence set out above, the integrative theory of personality that we proposed fills out the blank in the behaviorism by J. Watson and neobehaviorism of E. Tallman and K. Hall.

It can form a basis for the theory of education and may be successfully used in elaboration of computer educational and discipline software.

Доска объявлений

Группа для детей

Объявляется набор в психокоррекционную группу для детей подросткового возраста (13-16 лет). Количество участников - 12 человек. Занятия начнутся при комплектации группы, и будут проходить один раз в неделю с продолжительностью около 5 часов.

Тренинг личностного роста

Объявляется набор в группы личностного роста. Одна группа – для молодежи (возраст от 18 до 30 лет), другая группа – для людей зрелого возраста (от 30 до 50). Максимальное количество участников в каждой группе – 12 человек.

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— интеллектуальный потенциал,
— стиль мышления,
— степень информационной открытости,
— творческий потенциал,
— черты характера,
— психологический тип,
— особенности нервной системы,
— уровень адаптивности,
— профессиональные ориентиры,
— формы психологической защиты,
— и многое другое
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